Choosing the Right Truck Mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep is the goal—but how do you get there? Here are some considerations to think about when you’re choosing the right truck mattress for you.

Can you put a regular-size mattress in a semitruck?

The most important thing to do when you’re trying to choose the right truck mattress for your truck’s sleeper cabin is to determine the length and width. In most cases, it often easier to purchasing a specific mattress made for semitrucks will be your best option.

What’s the best truck mattress for your height and weight?

As with any mattress you would choose for you home, you need to consider what support you need within the core of your mattress. The style you choose—foam or coil—should take your height and weight into consideration. For heavier-set individuals, coil mattresses are often more comfortable and longer-lasting because they give prolonged support. Lighter-weight individuals may find coil mattresses still and uncomfortable—in which case a foam truck mattress is a better option.

How easy is it to maintain and clean?

The ease of cleaning is essential to ensuring you have a safe sleeping arrangement. Before buying a mattress, look into the materials used and the certifications and standards the manufacturer follows. You may also want to consider a mattress with a removable cover that you can easily wash.

Keep These Considerations in Mind When You Need to Buy a New Trucker Mattress

Knowing your needs and preferences beforehand will make the purchasing process that much simpler. At US Truck Mattress, we cater to the needs of our customers by supplying a few different mattresses in the hopes that you can choose the right truck mattress that meets your needs. After all, a good night’s sleep does wonders for any back pain and overall health.

Learn more about mattresses here and find the perfect fit for your truck.

Quick Trucker Mattress Facts


  • Offers 5” of support with a high-density foam core. A 1.5” latex cover provides an extra layer of comfort and protects the core.
  • Weight recommendation is within the 40 to 180 lb range.


  • Similar to the Restful, Serenity’s high-density foam core offers 5” of support. In addition, the 1.5” latex cover includes 2” of gel memory foam.
  • Weight recommendation is within the 40 to 250 lb range.


  • Provides support with 890 encased spring coils. The entire core is surrounded by a 2” gel memory foam cover.
  • Weight recommendation is within the 40 to 350 lb range.