A True Fishing Story.

Several years ago our mattress company owner was on a charter fishing trip with two brothers who owned a large semi-tractor fleet.  Occupational background information was discussed. Fishing wasn’t so good and the subject of how bad sleeper mattresses came up. It seemed all of the brothers’ fleet drivers complained about how bad their mattresses were.  Our owner said he could fix the complaints and the fleet owners were on board. “Ok, you make the mattress and we will reward our top three drivers with one of your new sleeper mattresses.” Almost immediately after these three mattresses were distributed, a revolution occurred! When the non-rewarded drivers saw and felt the new sleeper mattresses, they had to have one. That’s when we got our first order of fifty sleeper mattresses. We were in the semi-tractor sleeper mattress business thanks to a fishing trip!


Today several years later, by word of mouth, we provide sleeper mattresses to individual owner operators, local truck repair and refurbishment facilities, local fleets, our own trucks and drivers who deliver to us and see our sleeper mattresses.  We have several customers who order new equipment and replace the factory installed mattress with our mattress in every new truck they order. Now those dealers are purchasing our mattresses and putting them in new equipment as an upgrade.


Business has grown, and as a natural progression we would like to expand our semi-truck sleeper mattress business and that is why we are offering them to you, factory direct, with no middleman markup. With no middleman you save money!


We are currently a veteran owned business and have been family-owned since our origin in 1889 in Grand Rapids Mi. In 1889 we started by making feather beds and all cotton mattresses, and then transitioned into inner springs in the early 1900’s.  We currently make various inner spring and foam mattresses and have helped millions of people sleep better over the 125+ years we have been in business.  The bottom line is you are selecting a mattress from a well established, reputable firm and someone you can trust. Obviously, we have been doing something right for over 125 years!


Every USTRUCKMATTRESS is carefully designed to deliver you a perfect blend of comfort and support at a great value. After its design, every mattress is handcrafted here in Grand Rapids with quality materials by craftsmen who want you to get a great night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle life’s daily challenges.


Our employees personally want to Thank You for selecting one of our mattresses.